Blood Perfect

A Joe Turner Mystery

A young Joe Turner returns to defend Allston Walker, a man charged with the bloody attempted murder of a racist caretaker in this gripping courtroom thriller. Images of the vicious crime have Joe flashing back to a life-altering crime he witnessed as a child while he hurdles headlong into a steamy romance.In the tension-filled trial, the victim, a transplanted southerner, charms the jury and remains steadfast in his identification of Walker. Snarky Joe and his investigator, an aging hippie who speaks in movie lines, wrangle with slippery police officers and an obnoxious, preening prosecutor. Plot twists continue past the stunning verdict and force Joe’s reckoning with his haunting past. Penned by a practicing criminal defense attorney, Blood Perfect is a uniquely authentic tale that probes the subconscious mind and depicts an unfiltered view of the modern criminal justice system.


“After his rousing debut, Bequette returns with a tale that solidifies Turner as a charmingly reliable champion of the innocent.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“A fantastic read that will keep you interested from cover to cover.”

– San Francisco Book Review

"An enjoyable legal thriller bolstered by a charmingly reliable champion of the innocent."

- Kirkus Reviews